Monday, May 2, 2011

leslie's in town

This weekend, my mom (Leslie) and my sister JoAnn came into town from Arizona for Women's Conference. It was seriously so much fun hanging out with them, although after a few hours of attending Women's Conference, I vow to never go again. I guess I'm more of a fast-paced, anxiety-filled man then most of the women.

at the concert

we did some shopping, some eating out, and then we went to play with Julie's kids..

they probably make the best faces ever!

Les and JoAnn- come to visit me more often please, I had so much fun this weekend!


  1. Hahaha. You love women's conference

  2. cute. you are not a man, tho. you are a bombshell-i love your hair!

  3. Haha that was such a Don comment...

    Caroline's face! I love that munchkin to pieces.

  4. James! You look so good! And your new hair is fabulous :)