Thursday, March 24, 2011


last week my family planned to go to NYC for a few days
i got to ditch school and join them. it was so fun because like 40 of my family members were there- we would literally just see some of them walking down the street, it was so fun!

we ate a lot, shopped, walked a lot, were really good tourists- (camera's around our necks, and all). it was also so fun to spend time with jenna like the old days.. (even though i do love dustin so much)

here are jenna and i pretending we're asians in front of time square

my sisters, mom, cousins, and grandma
don't you love that beautiful white hair?

my mom and sisters

in front of the ground zero monument thing

at the MET

at the MET again.. Jayne loves Egyptians

saw this at the natural history museum... my mom's name is leslie and my dad's is don. CUTE!

the NY library

i wasn't lying when i said we ate- a lot!


  1. haha armored mammal! You guys all look fab, i especially love jayne and the sphinx.

  2. You and Jenna are so asian. I want to see the rest of these pics!! I MISSED YOUUUU

  3. FUN! Oh my, it looks like you had a blast!!

  4. can I have your wardrobe?? Like honestly! It is to die! You are too cute- xoxo

  5. you're adorable! i was so fun to meet you last night!