Thursday, February 24, 2011

every child's dream

last week, les and don came into town for two days
we went to dinner in provo with the davis', willi, them, and i, but i only got to see them for 30 minutes and decided that wasn't enough time.
the next morning les and julie planned to go to salt lake with the kids, but i couldn't go because i had school... 830 in the morning les answers her phone and its me... telling her im ditching school to come spend time with them...

best decision!

we went to the discovery children's museum at the gateway mall:
it was seriously every child's dream in there. it was so fun spending time with les, don and the davis'

the kids as fire fighters

than as a construction worker.

cute little annie

care bear

oh.. and we also got some shopping in, of course! :)

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  1. so glad you got a shopping trip out of the visit, haha.